Lemon-Garlic Salad Dressing or Everything Sauce!

This is my most favorite thing!!!!

I stumbled upon it when a friend brought a salad to a pot luck that I just LOVED!  I loved it even more when I found out that what made it so good, was the homemade salad dressing.  Before then, it hadn’t occurred to me that you could MAKE your own dressing!  I know….duh.  But I know now!  And I’m so glad I do!  A couple of years back, I did a 10 day No Processed Foods Challenge.  My whole family did it.  And I’m so glad we did!  I’d never noticed how much processed, chemical ridden food we ate before!  I thought we ate pretty good.  The worst of it; the kids snacks!  Follow a close second with anything bread like (bread, tortillas, crackers, cereal).  But also on this list of Hard To Find Unprocessed, is salad dressings.  Just look for yourself.  Unprocessed by our definition means= less than 5 ingredients, OR not containing anything you couldn’t buy at the store and put in your food.  I found from this challenge that in a nut shell, Unprocessed = MAKE IT YOURSELF!  So it’s nice when you find something EASY and FAST to make that also TASTES AWESOME!  And that defines this stuff!  So lets get to it!



1. Lemons (how many depends on how juicy and how much sauce you want)  Here in TX, lemons are CHEAP!  Like 8 for a $1 in the summer, cheap!  I realize from RVing around the US that this is not always the case.  But you MUST use REAL lemons!  Nothing else will do!  So come on down to TX and get you some, if that’s what you have to do!  It’s real nice here!

2. Pressed Garlic.  From whole cloves!  I used to use the preminced stuff you buy in the jar, and it works okay, but nothing like fresh pressed garlic.  Use the good stuff!  How much depends on how garlicy you like things.  Note: Garlic flavor will increase as it sits.

3. Hazel Nut Oil.  Any plant based oil will work, (canola, olive, coconut), but hazel nut is my fav and gives it a little bit of a nutty flavor!  Go figure! 

4. Salt and Pepper to taste.


I like a 1:2 ratio with my oil and lemons.  It leaves the dressing tasting very lemony, which I like, and keeps the calories down!  Play with it.  If you want yours less lemony, put a high ratio of oil.  I like to keep mine in a mason jar that happens to have measurements on the side; easy to know ratio that way.

Shake before serving.

That.  Is.  It.

Darby, being a huge help in the kitchen as usual.
This is an awesome, all natural, unprocessed salad dressing that will make any salad you make, DELICIOUS!  And who doesn’t need to eat a few more salads?!

So why is this also called the EVERYTHING SAUCE?  Well, it took me a while to figure this out myself, but once I did, I thanked myself for being so smart!  One day while making ceviche, which I also have an AMAZING recipe for and will post here one of these days, it occurred to me that the marinade for the ceviche was very similar, okay, EXACTLY the same as the dressing!  So I just grabbed my jar of “salad dressing” and poured it in the ceviche and saved myself a whole lota time and had an even better tasting ceviche, cause the garlic had more time to rest and release it’s oils!  Yum.  You know what else tastes good with lemon, oil, and garlic on it?  Fish.  Shrimp.  Fajitas (just add a little soy sauce or coke too; recipe coming!).  Sautéed Greenbeans.  Ceviche.  Everything. = “Everything Sauce”

Simple, but soooooooo good!


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