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Magnetic Spice Holder
Magnetic Spice Holder

This is a fairly inexpensive  mod that has a HUGE positive effect on the use of the RV kitchen!

Materials:  2×2 metal (zinc) sheet from Home Depot $5.  Magnetic Containers bought at The Container Store $2 each.   I bought 15 of the containers.  But I like cooking a lot.  So…

Total Cost: $35.  But that all depends on how many containers you get.

We cut the metal sheets with a saw and screwed them to the wall.  Filled the containers with spices and simply stuck them on.  They hold plenty tight enough to stay put while driving.  Sometimes I stick the most used spices (like salt and pepper) onto the hood vent that is also metal, so I can more easily grab them whilst cooking.  I bought clear lables at the Container Store, for an additional $4, that I stuck on all the tops of the spices for identification.  I played with the idea of writing the names right on the tops and saving the $4, but then I would not be able to reuse them for a different spice or item if I wanted to later.

I am Cumin, and I and want to be loved! Anyone? Anyone?
I especially like these containers because they are clear on top, so when grabbing for say chili powder, I can immediately narrow the search down to just the red colored spices.


The tops easily pull off for taking tsp size scoops, or the tops spin around to allow you to shake and pour the spices out.  Very cool!


Just remember to CLOSE those sides before sticking the container back up, or you will have a mess!  Ask me how I know!


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