Salisbury Massachusetts

Before saying good-bye to the east coast, we wanted to get in one last trip to the Atlantic Ocean!  So we headed to a state park beach in Mass (Salisbury Beach State Recreation Area), that was also near Salem, MS (The Witch Trials).

The place was pretty packed!  Which meant LOTS OF KIDS for the girls to make friends with, and they did!  It was a great place to ride bikes, and play on the beach!  We did lots of both!   One day on the beach we found tons of clams, tiny crabs, shells, and a sand worm!

We had a couple of fun days at the beach, where a major river meets the Atlantic. We could swim in fresh or salt water. Both were COLD!
I discovered that if you picked up clumps of seaweed out of the water, there were dozens of tiny crabs attached to it! The kids are building an aquarium to keep all the crabs in with their new friend, Fabian.
Those kids had me hunting 24/7, and I loved it.
The littes were more interested in building a mound, that Jonah would then walk through.
The tides coming in! NO!!!
Um, how cute is Darby’s boyfriend, Sunny?!? Fabian had a Chug too!
Here are a few more friends the girls made while there. Bikes and roller skates were the name of the game!

While the girls played outside with friends, Joe and I took a mini date one night and walked the baby around the campground in the stroller and checked out all the vintage RV’s that were parked here.  There were some really cool ones, and if the owners were outside, you better believe I told them how cool I thought their rig was!  It really was so much fun!  And it’s a nice reminder that you can eek out some couple time together even while living full time in 200sqft with your 3 kids.

This was also the week that I had to use my old, maximum storage filled phone while I waited for my new phone, so I didn’t get many pictures.

We also spent a day in Salem, MS, checking out the visitor center there, and seeing and doing the Jr Ranger program for The Friendship Sailboat, having lunch at a cafe, and exploring The Peabody Essex Museum.  The museum had a great room where the kids could build robots and other inventions without using any glue, tape or staples.  We stayed until they closed, before returning to our truck parked in a garage that we barely fit in.  It was a full day with me and just the kids, and we had a lot of fun!  I decided to save all the witch stuff until the kids were a little older, despite my intense interest!  But we did see and talk about a few statues as we walked.

It was a good week and by the end of it, I could even pronounce Massachusetts correctly!  Now don’t even talk to me about being able to properly spell it without the help of spell check!  Baby steps….

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