Our Time in The Mountains



Our time spent in The Smokey Mountains was wonderful!  The weather was so cool during the day, it felt like air conditioning.  It smelled like trees and the place we were staying, Maggie Valley, felt like the tiny mountain towns I spent my early childhood in.  Plus, I believe there’s no stress that can’t be cured by putting your feet in a cold mountain stream.

The stream that ran through our campsite, with ducks! Can you see them?

We were advised to go to Asheville, NC by several friends.  I’m cheap, so we didn’t end up staying in any of the campsites actually in Asheville.  Instead, we stayed 30 mins outside of the city, in Maggie Valley.  The campground looked a little sketchy at first, but as we so often find, after a day we got used to the place and liked it a lot!  We did end up driving though the town of Asheville a couple of times, but felt like it was a little too big for us to get a handle on with only a week there, and so we ended up spending most of our time in the little towns surrounding Maggie Valley and loved them!


IMG_7303We went for several dives along the famous Blue Ridge Parkway, stopped at several overlooks, and took a hike!

Our 2.2 mile hike with our bad ass kids, took us to some incredible views!
As usual, we were racing the sunset and almost turned back several times. So glad we kept going!


The views were amazing!
But I like this one BEST!

Another day, when it was a little rainy, I took the kids to a bounce house, at Bean’s request.  That kids just loves bounce houses! We had the place to ourselves and it was a great time!

Oh, the slide.

IMG_7371 IMG_7365

As a special treat, I took the girls horseback ridding one afternoon.  I love ridding horses, and so does Lou.  Bean, not so much we found out.

I loved going on this hour long horse ride. My horses name was Slim. He followed the leader well, but I liked making him go wherever I wanted to on the trail. ~Loralai
Ridding by fields of flowers.
Bean was over it, but she was a good sport and posed for the camera.

I took the kids to The Great Smokey Mountains one day.  We had gone once before in 2013, but it had been awhile and the kids saw the place with new eyes.  As in, they didn’t remember it from before.

We spent most of our time at an old farmstead they have preserved, learning about the buildings and how they stored food.
The girls chose this day to dress like fairies. Oh wait, that’s most days.
We also visited a working mill there.


We also took a hike with the whole family in the park one day and several more hikes to waterfalls, all when Joe got off of work.

Soco Falls



Here’s a video of us hiking in the Smokey Mountains in 2013.  Jonah’s there too, just in my belly, so he’s not on the screen.

And sometimes this week, we just hung out too.

Here's a shaving cream lesson.
Here’s a shaving cream lesson.
That maybe went a little too far!
I wonder what plans are being cooked up in there!
I love my little dog. Especially because she’s chubby! But also because we always get snuggle time together! And I dressed her up for this picture. ~Loralai
My sister always falls asleep first! ~Loralai

The girls also meet a pair of 4 and 7 year old sisters and played with them every second we were at the campsite.  One night, Joe and I went over to their camp fire and had a good time for a few hours.  Always fun making new friends!

There was also a big Memorial Day Dance and Live Music the last night we were there.  We all danced the night away, and Lou got to dance IN the show later that night!  Gota get that girl some cloggin’ shoes!

Dancing Friends.
My dancing partner was the lightest guy on his feet there!
Into the night.

It was a sweet time, and we’d definitely go back!



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