IMG_7101We spent 1 week in Georgia, mostly in Savannah, but with a couple of 5 hour one-way detours into Atlanta to pick up and drop off my mama at the airport and sneak in a visit with some cousins.

Teenage Cousins!!!!!  Our favorite!
Teenage Cousins!!!!! Our favorite!

The placed we stayed, Red Gate Farms, was gorgeous and laid back.  It was an event center and farm, as well as an RV park.  Lots of big trees, ponds, docks, swimming pool, horses, peacocks, and trails to ride.  It was also just 20 mins from Savannah DT, but it was a little pricey, and since I’m so cheap, we opted for just an electric and water site, that kept it at $35 a night, instead of $45.  Cha-ching.

IMG_7120We’d heard great things about Savannah and weren’t let down!  I think my Aunt put it best, it’s like a cleaner, nicer New Orleans, with all the charm of the South!  We did a couple of drive by tours of the city, and for Mother’s Day my mom and I went to Paula Deen’s restaurant, Lady & Son’s and got the shrimp and grits…..OMG, I think I died for a minute right there in Savannah, they were so good!

IMG_7131Another day my mom and I took the kids to the local beach on Tybee Island.  It was a pretty day, a cute island, and a nice public beach for the kids of play on.  The water wasn’t the crystal clear oasis I was hoping for and the waves were huge, but those Shaw kids can have fun on ANY beach and played mostly in the sand, as usual.

IMG_7141 IMG_7183 IMG_7159

Another day we just hung around the campsite and took the kids swimming.  It was so fun to have my mom there to spend time with and the kids really enjoyed it!

Keepin’ Nana cool.


One of my favorite things about Savannah is that my cousin, Sydney, and her adorable family lives there!  The girls and I got to see our newest, little cousin, Mavis, who just turned 2 months old!  She was a ball of smiles and so so cute!


On another night, I was surprised to see my Aunt Yancy when we all met for pizza at the best pizza place on the planet, Mellow Mushroom!  I was totally shocked!  It was great to see her as well!

So happy I got to see my aunt!
So happy I got to see my aunt!

While in Georgia, we did some other things as well.  Joe and I celebrated our 10 year wedding anniversary with a date night (Thanks Mom), at a Mexican restaurant, on our never ending hunt for Mexican food that’s as good as you can find in TX (Fail so far), and a trip to the book store.

We all got haircuts and Joe shaved his 6 month beard off!

Don't worry, Joe's not sporting the Colonel Sanders look.  This was a halfway through the shave pic.
Don’t worry, Joe’s not sporting the Colonel Sanders look. This was a halfway through the shave pic.

We all went on a long bike ride and took the dog on walks, and played on the playground, and enjoyed the cool Georgia nights.  And LOVED having Nana for the week!  We were sad to leave and hope to return!  And I did get some Florida/Georgia peaches at a road-side stand while there too, just in case you were wondering.

Had to throw in a cute pic of the babies.
Had to throw in a cute pic of the babies.
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