South Llano State Park~ Trip 2

We have just returned from the park with the wild turkeys!  See Joe and Juliet practicing their turkey calls.  And although we didn’t actually see any turkeys, we had a really good time looking for them!  Loralai and Juliet’s Oma and Opa camped next to us in their RV too.  That gave Joe and I the chance to ride our bikes up a ridge and see some great views together!  So fun to ride together again!!!  We played in the river, took lots of short hikes, Loralai rode her bike around the camp, and saw birds, bunnies, and deer.  Joe and I kept a running list of items we wished we’d had on this trip.  Leaving in 2 weeks for the LONG trip!  Yahoo!  I will post our revised destinations soon.

First time using RV tub.  Success!
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