RV Mods

I’ve been slaving away, depriving myself of sleep, in order to make some crucial mods to the rig!

Number one priority, kill the bad hotel decor!

Before: Beautiful hotel window “torture-ments”…

I removed the valences and faux curtains (yeah they were just for “looks”) from above all the windows.

After: Homey window “treatments”

They were replaced with uber-inexpensive Ikea curtain rods and curtains we bought the fabric for and sewed in only one weekend (rained all weekend).  They are admittedly short in both directions, but pretty good, I think, for my first curtains ever (third thing I’ve sewed in my life).

Next priority, couch upholstery is ugly, looks/is dirty, and faux cushions are dumb.  Not to mention all the space under the couch is completely un-utilized!

Before: Ugly couch

I sewed and reupholstered the couch in a sage colored plush suede, also known as micro-fiber, and a host of other names.  Don’t confuse this material with a leather product.  You can wipe spills right off of this stuff with a wet rag!  Also added two huge drawers in the space under the couch.

After: Lovely soft couch/short “double” bed – two big drawers.

Next, the dinette.  Also covered in the ugly upholstery.

Before: Ugly, non-cleanable/non-kid-friendly, dinette, who’s cushions slide out from under you.

Reupholstered the bottom in a dark brown marine grade vinyl and attached it to a piece of ply wood.  No more sliding out form under you and super easy to clean.  Reupholstered the seat backs and trim wood with the same material as the couch.

After: Cleanable, kid friendly, pretty, functional dinette (next a table upgrade).

We decided painting would be great, but takes too long and would make it stinky for a while.  So Aubrey found a ton of great decals to decorate our rig with instead!

Chalkboard Decal – “The Menu” is going with us!

Border in Kids room.

Cool tree decal in the dining area.

Bathroom art…hehehe.

Master head board decoration.

No more bottled water!

GE double filtered water faucet.  The next best thing to self-chlorine treating water and/or reverse osmosis…at half the price.

(to be continued)

Our RV is much more homey now!  We leave in a week and we’re super stoked about it!

Next mission,

  1. Master bedroom curtains
  2. Add 2,000 Watt Power Inverter, battery disconnect switch, huge fuse, and “house” surge arrestor.
  3. Repair various minor water leaks and add 2 gallon pre-charged water tank and sediment filter to water pump.
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