Dauphin (Not Daulphin) Island

This was such a great 11 days!  We had a blast on this perfectly sized, little island off the coast of AL, where our friends, Allen and Sharon live and learned so much while we were there; including how to correctly spell “Dauphin”.

Here was our campsite.  For the first few days it rained A LOT!
Here was our campsite. For the first few days it rained A LOT!
Upon arriving, we stayed at THE RV Park on the Island. Is was very treed with wide spaces and this awesome playground that the kids utilized a lot!

We went to the Estuary right off!  It was such a cool place and we learned so much about the sea animals that live in the area.

Here Sharky Sharky….I want to pet you!

IMG_6634 IMG_6628 IMG_6625 IMG_6623

We also spent a ton of time hanging out on the sugar sand beaches!

This was the boardwalk from our campsite to the beach.
Darby LOOOOOVES the beach!!!
Deep holes with sand walls built up around, that’s how we like to play at the beach.

IMG_6612 IMG_6684

Those rigs in the distance are drilling for natural gas.

We also visited a 200 year old fort.  Were we watched an awesome blacksmith who gave us a live presentation and then GAVE us 3 key chains we watched him make!  And of course I didn’t get a picture of that!  But here are a few shots of us learning about fort life, while I tried to wrestle a baby into submission.

IMG_6692 IMG_6694



And one day, my 7 year old GREW UP a little more, when she learned to ride her bike without training wheels!!!!
This was taken right after, when she was feeling pretty good with herself! Sob!
Wild blackberries grew all over the island and we had so much fun picking and eating them!

Then the Very Best part of our time started on Dauphin Island when we moved to Allen and Sharen’s driveway and our good friends Leigh and Kara showed up with Leigh’s boys!!! FRIENDS!!!!

Driveway Camping, is our favorite kind of camping!
One night the 3 of us went out for a night on the town! I was blow away by all the events that were going on this weekend! We hoped around from place to place, all with free drinks and food and tons of people! It was so much FUN!!!
Leigh of course came to see me, but she also was participating in the craft show going on this weekend. She had some really amazing stuff! I was so impressed, that I had to steel a pair of earrings she made and keep them for myself! Here she is teaching Bean how to make jewelry. Juliet was hooked!
Baby’s PLaY!
The kids just took this room over for the weekend.
This was a fun baby game, that kept them both busy!
My Braden! And one of Loralai’s favorite people on the planet!!! I honestly did not see her for the last 4 days we were there! She played with Braeden, slept with Braeden, and went EVERYWHERE with Braeden. They were adorable!
Me and Leigh
More Beach Time with Friends!
Goodbye HUGS!
Allen also has his own concession stand at the Ferry and we stopped and got LOTS and LOTS of ice cream while on the island!  The BEST!
Allen also has his own concession stand at the Ferry and we stopped and got LOTS and LOTS of ice cream while on the island! The BEST!
In addition to EVERYTHING else that was happening this last weekend (craft show, motorcycle show, etc), there was also a GUMBO COOK OFF! YES! And Allen was one of the cooks, so we got to help! And it was so FUN! I think I was born to hand out gumbo to people!
While I tried to charm people into voting for our gumbo, these cuties hung out under the big oaks and enjoyed the day.

We had so much fun during our time on Dauphin Island.  We loved seeing our friends and having locals to tell us all the great spots to go.  I loved the size of the island!  Just 9 miles long, but with lots of huge trees, a bird sanctuary, estuary, water slides, indoor pools, great beaches, and cute shops.  I think we could live there!  :)  But with so much more country to see, it’s too soon to make any big decisions.  One thing’s for sure, we’ll be happy to return next year, when we’ll take the FIRST PLACE spot for the best Gumbo on Dauphin Island!!!!

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