Homeschooling Update

So it’s been about 6+ months now of our homeschooling adventure.  How are things going, you ask?  Pretty good.  It turns out that homeschooling doesn’t have to be THAT hard, or so we have learned.  My rigorous schedule for homeschooling was overwhelming and just plain IMPOSSIBLE for a newbie with two younger kids to accomplish and as it turns out, unnecessary.  Hours and hours of homeschooling everyday is unnecessary because it turns out that when kids have lots of free time on their hands, they do a lot of learning on their own!  Loralai is now a master bike rider and roller skater, can cook her own simple meals, draws often, and is a tenacious reader!  Her reading level has gone from beginning 2nd grade level to a 4th grade level since we started homeschooling!!!  This can be only be due to 1 thing: she has time to read now.  Period.  When she was in school, she was too exhausted to do much of anything in the afternoon, and getting up at 6am didn’t leave much time for night reading.  Now she stays up WAY too late most nights reading for hours, which has its good and bad points, but it is the sole reason her reading level has jumped 1.5 grade levels in 6 months time.

Loralai is a wiz at math.  It’s great!  Keeping her attention on the lesson is a challenge, but she gets things quickly.  We are progressing.

Spelling and writing continue to be our weak points, but those are also the most difficult subjects, so we’ll keep plugging (EN: one could even say, “chuggin'”) along, and I feel confident she will be able to write an acceptable story (with the aid of spell check) before she’s 20.  This is the one area that I’m actively seeking a curriculum though.

We go on lots of adventures!  To the library, to  museums, to community events, to caves, to lava fields, to national parks, and to reservoirs, and, and, and…  We hike, we swim, we explore, we have fun!  These are our social studies and science lessons, and sometimes math, reading, writing, and PE lessons as well.  We’ve made prints of animal tracks, used our 5 senses while hiking to observe our surroundings, seen dolphins swim, petted alligators, made volcanoes explode, seen Old Faithful erupt, watched buffalo herds, fed apples to wild donkeys, skipped rocks, climbed rocks, visited farms, and collected “pets” to study in almost every location we’ve visited.  It’s been a blast for the entire family!  My favorite part is that we got to do it all TOGETHER!

Drive days are great for getting big chunks of school work done in a short time!  That’s one trick I’ve learned!

Juliet is learning a ton as well!  She demanded to do school work like her sister and what Juliet wants, Juliet GETS!  So my little preschooler has learned the days of the week, the months of the year, how to work a calendar, how to count and write numbers to 20, count by 10’s, and her letter sounds!

It’s amazing!  I CAN teach my own kids!  And it doesn’t even take that much effort on my part.  Who knew!

Now the big question: Will we go back to regular schooling when we return?  Answer:  I don’t know.  I guess we’ll see.

Until then, we will be learning everyday, in sometimes unconventional ways, TOGETHER!

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