A Birthday Girl in Pipestone Minnesota!

20150812_155532smSo we headed to Pipestone, Minnesota for 3 reasons:

1. We had not been to the state of Minnesota yet and I wanted to put that sticker on our US map.  (Yes, these are seriously the things that drive me (EN: there are weirder bucket lists.)

2. It was home to a National Monument. (Which we are very fond of.)

3. It was just a 1-day drive away and that was important because Lou’s birthday was on Sunday and we didn’t want to be driving for two because that would overlap her special day.

Lots and lots of sunflower fields on our way into Minnesota.
Lots and lots of sunflower fields on our way into Minnesota, like a CRAZY amount!

So we arrived at Pipestone RV park and it was a fine park.  We liked it enough.  We could have done without  the crazy amount of flies and slight trash smell is all.  But it was within walking distance to a pretty cool park.

Skate Park!
Skate Park!
Bean conquered a fear this day!
Bean conquered a fear this day!


Turns out Jonah is not into the meditating.

In the town near Pipestone and the surrounding area you couldn’t walk a block without running into a tee-pee, so this meant we spent a lot of time in tee-pees this week which was fine by us!


Picnic in a tepee
Picnic in a tepee

We also spent some time at Pipestone National Monument, the only place where pipestone is still mined today by registered Native Americans.  We watched videos and walked the property and watched Native Americans carve the stone into pipes, and earned jr. ranger badges!  It was a cool place.  I really should have bought a pipe!  Drat!

20150812_151857smThe biggest part of this week by far was celebrating our oldest Little turning 8!  How did this happen?!  I know everyone says that and it’s so over done,  but I’m seriously asking: Please tell me, how do I have an 8 year old (EN: Time, for an individual, is experienced subjectively; time flies when…)?!

20150809_210429smI’m so proud to be this sweet, spunky, fun, adventurous, caring  little girl’s Mama!  We love you to the moon, all around Jupiter, bounce off Pluto and into infinity, times infinity!  Please just come visit me LOTS when you are all grown up, and you can have as many popsicles as you want!

20150809_210654smNow, STOP!  Right now, this was it!  8 is Great!  But stop RIGHT HERE!!!!  No more growing!

We had a day of presents, including Lou’s new inline skates that she barely takes off now, and a scooter!  Daddy made her 3rd birthday cake to celebrate, and I took the girls to see In and Out at Lou’s birthday request.  It was a really fun, family day celebrating our special girl!

Being so close to Sturgis time and place, we saw some interesting hogs!
Being so close to Sturgis time and place, we saw some interesting hogs!

This was an okay stop for us, and I did get to put that Minnesota sticker on the RV map, but we decided to leave a couple of days earlier than planned and head to The Black Hills of South Dakota where there was lots more to do!

Oh, the skies!
Oh, the skies!
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