Sweet Ashland

Ashland was a Trip in its self.  We rolled into town Saturday afternoon to the recommended Jackson Well Springs Spa/RV Park to find the place overflowing with visitors for their Mother’s Day and Birth Celebration.  We turned the wrong way, a few times, and eventually found the office, thanks to a skinny guy in a leather vest and a goatee.  It took a while to check us in as everything seemed a little distracted, but I did walk out with a $21 deduction on our stay (don’t ask me how).  A lady with a buzz cut, on a bike introduced herself as the camp host and directed us to our site….a 10 foot opening, surrounded by cars in overflow parking.  Not an easy task to park our 51 foot rig.  We played with the idea of moving to another site, but if we could squeeze the rig into spot 54, it was obviously the BEST one!   
The residents called it “Neptune’s Garden”.  It had a great covered cement pad with some old furniture that reminded me of being back in PDAP.  There was also an overgrown garden and “shed” with a bed in it.  Random….but cool.
We did manage to squeeze into that sweet spot, mostly cause Joe’s The Man!  Once we set up, it became apparent that our sewer connection wasn’t working, but we didn’t care at the moment, there was a Mother’s Day Celebration going on for goodness sakes!  Unfortunately, we got there just for the tail end of it and missed the free massages and children’s arts and crafts, belly dancing, and birth story circles.  I did get to sit and read my favorite book, “Oh the Places you will Go!” to Loralai and walk around the gardens where we saw a few “medicinal” plants growing.  

By this point Joe and I were both aware that Well Springs was a special place and we would need to be open to what it had to offer.  It was not your typical RV park and we were glad for that.  It had a really cool, kind of kooky, relaxed vibe and we were excited to experience it!  That being said, sometimes adjustments aren’t easy.  Along with this great vibe, our sewer still didn’t work, and the water smelled strongly like rotten eggs.  The major attraction of the park was that it has mineral spring fed pools (hot and cold) that visitors can swim in that are medicinal and healing waters.  Well this same healing water is what flowed through our RV pipes and reeked! But by the end of the week, we’d gotten used to it and our sewer did get fixed.
A huge bonus and main reason for visiting Ashland, OR is that my God Mother, Patty Groth, lives there.  She’s this amazing, fun, super energetic woman who owns Morning Glory Restaurant on the town’s main drag.   Joe and I only get to see her about every other year, but love each and every time we do!  She sweetly invites us over our first night in town for margaritas, despite having one of her busiest days of the year cooking at the restaurant, Mother’s Day, the very next day.  We are all elated to go to a HOUSE!!!  A REAL HOUSE, with separate rooms, and a porch, and a bathroom big enough for two people to stand in!  It had been so long!  Happiest of all of us was Loralai!  We had told her about the tree house in Aunt Patty’s backyard (which we somehow missed getting a picture of) and she couldn’t wait to play in it!  She got her wish right away as we all went in and played with her.  The following night, we bathed the kids in the claw-foot tub, also in the tree house.  Yes, a tub in a tree house!  We did a little catching up while the kids played and left with plans to return the next afternoon for dinner. 
The next day was Mother’s Day.  I was feeling under the weather, which may have been partly due to the 3 margaritas I’d had the night before?  So Joe took the kids out to explore the town and also to play at Ashland’s AMAZING Lithia Park.  I got a good nap in and executed a contract on a listing to boot.  When Joe returned, we headed to Patty’s for a FANTASTIC Mexican dinner, including cheviche, and grilled shrimp and scallop tacos.  WOW!  Best of all, the girls ran around in the sprinklers while we talk and sipped our drinks (only sparkling water for me that night!).  Really amazing night and good time meeting some of Patty’s friends and seeing Adrian, her son, again.
Ashland is picturesque.  It’s the perfect size, walkable/bikable, with lovely shops and the most amazing park I’ve ever seen in my life!  It also had LOTS of delicious restaurants, which we had SO been lacking in most of our journey.  So needless to say, we ate well during our time there and often!  
While Joe worked during the day, I took the girls to Lithia Park and walked around the town’s shops one day.   
Climbing large rocks in an Easter dress and making friends!  Just another day in the life of Loralai.
This river flowed right through the park and next to the playground.
Another day I took them to get ice cream and then to story time at the library, which by the way is the cutest library ever!  It’s enormous and located in a 100 year old building.  The girls loved it so much that we ended up spending 2 hours there.
Patty also took us to the Farmers Market one day where we got handmade soaps and honey, and veggies and lunch!  And then we drove to a near by town called Jacksonville that is historically famous for being a gold mining town, and also the location of Patty’s prior Bed and Breakfast.  Cute town!
Girls playing at the Nature Center sand pit, taken by Joe. 
One evening, I took Loralai swimming at the Well Springs Spa, just her and I.  It was ladies only night at the pool and clothing was optional.  Loralai was totally cool with it and went with it herself and we had a great time together and she made a friend.  Sorry no pictures.  Wink!  Joe also took the girls swimming in the mineral pools another day while I got a facial (Happy Mother’s Day to ME!).  So nice!
Patty’s Restaurant!  The BEST place to eat in Ashland!!!  HIGHLY Recommended! …get the oatmeal pancakes.
Silly Patty!
Specially Made Pancake!  She LOVED it!  …And then she ate his face off.
I won’t sit in my high chair, but I’ll squeeze this bunny!
One major highlight of the week was when Laney and Patty watched the girls one evening, so Joe and I could go out for our 7thwedding anniversary.  Wahoo, DATE NIGHT!!!!  We found a great little sushi restaurant and walked around the town and Japenese Gardens in the park.  Had to stick to a theme.  :)  Oh, and got ice cream too!  We really didn’t know what to do with ourselves and NO KIDS for the first time in 7 weeks after that!  I wish I could say that we went wild and went swimming at the mineral pools after that during “clothing optional” time, but that was about it and with a bottle of cheap wine in hand, we headed back to Patty’s where we found a sleeping Bean and a very happy Loralai who was having so much fun with her “girls” that she didn’t even want us there.  THANK YOU!  THANK YOU!  THANK YOU Patty and Laney for our date night!!!! 
7 Years!
Sleep Over Pals!  “Get out of here Mom!”
Friday, our last day in Ashland, Patty was kind enough to let us all hang out at her house while she was at work and let me do ALL of our laundry.  Oh the piles!!!!    Joe worked in the back room while Loralai watched “The Wizard of Oz” and Bean stayed under foot while I did load after load.
Later that evening we came back over and ordered pizza, and talked, and decided we would miss Patty and Ashland terribly!  We even considered staying an extra week, but reservations and costs to change won out. And we had to say “Good-bye” to Sweet Ashland and Patty. 

We stopped in Grants Pass, OR the next day as our overnight stop at Moon Mountain RV park ($30.76 with Good Sam discount. Recommended, very clean, hilly, and lots of services available).  The drive was only 45 minutes from Ashland, so we had some time to do some things.  While we were there, we visited an organic farm/restaurant that Patty’s sister, Nancy, owns.  The farm was gorgeous and got Joe thinking about our garden when we get back!  He’s got big plans y’all!

After the farm we took a river boat dinner tour to see Hells Gate ($60 adults, $40 kids 4-12).  Recommended.  They take you down the river in an air boat and point out all the wildlife along the way.  We saw bald eagles and lots of osprey, Canadian geese and cranes.  I was hoping for a bear, but we’ve still got Yellowstone ahead of us, so I was okay.  They also do a good job of getting you soaked by spinning the boat around as you go down the river.  Loralai loved that part!  Hells Gate is cool, as the river runs through with tall rocks on all sides of you.

2 hour boat ride?  Mom brought bribes, like blue lolipops.  She fell asleep on Daddy shortly after this.
She loved it!  Only request?  MORE spins and splashes!
BBQ Ribs and Chicken Dinner mid trip at a gorgeous remote lodge.  It was good!
Hells Gate
Thank you Captain Ric!

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Yosemite National Park

We were able to spend a total of 4 days in Yosemite National Park. I took the girls into the park one day while Joe worked, which was actually about 2 hours away from where we parked the RV near La Grange, CA by Don Pedro Lake.  Despite all odds, I actually got the kids up early and went! 
Loralai and I flipped when we saw the huge waterfalls driving in!!!  We found out later that we were in Yosemite during “Peak Waterfall Week” and seeing the most water fall for the year.  Awesome! 


The first thing we did when we got there was to find a shady spot to eat our lunch.  A hungry, plague carrying squirrel quickly found us there.  Loralai loved him until he snuck up behind her and got a little too close.  LOL…you should have heard her scream!  And then laugh!  J 
After that the girls and I walked around the park, rode the free shuttle buses, went to the Visitor Center to get Loralai’s Jr Ranger workbook, toured the free museums about Native American life in the Valley, and watched the Yosemite movie.  We also visited the oldest hotel in Yosemite where the rooms are a minimum of $400 a night.  Gorgeous…..but no air conditioning.  They did have a sweet shop though and you better believe we didn’t pass that up!  The girls were really well behaved, probably much due to the fact that I had lots of bribes and food to keep them happy.  We were really there with a mission to collect info and scout it out for our up coming weekend when Daddy could come!  We were all super excited to return for the weekend just a couple of days later!

One of many bear statues at Cedar Ridge

First decision made was that we would NOT drive the RV up those whindy, steep roads!  And the whole place was booked up anyways on such short notice.  So we got a motel room at Cedar Ridge, just 15 mins outside of the park.  Loralai LOVES motels!  Evidently they are very exciting for a 4 year old!  It was plenty nice, with an indoor, heated pool that we never swam in.  They had a cute “Bear” theme.  Recommended. It being peek season and the weekend and us booking it the day before, we paid $100+ a night, but it’s YOSEMITE right!? 
Friday comes and as soon as Joe’s off work (2pm CA time), we hop in the truck and book it to Yosemite.  I get car sick with him driving up the whindy roads and we switch so I can drive.  We stop at some view points and just ogle at all the beauty!  We go straight to the valley and visit Yosemite Lodge and get some dinner as we are all starving.  I see there’s a Ranger Night walk for kids at 8:30pm and sign us up!  We ride the shuttles, walk around, and wait for the Ranger walk.  We learned a few things that night….1. The shuttles only run every 30 mins after 7pm, instead of every 10-15 mins.  2. It gets COLD at night.  3. It’s blindingly DARK once the sun goes down in Yosemite.  So we ended up missing the walk, mostly because of the shuttle thing.  L  In good news, L made a friend on the bus and it was so late when we got back to our motel, we just laid both girls on the bed and they stayed asleep.

Ranger Talk Time!

Holding sleeping Bean on the Tram Tour
We go to a Ranger Talk for kids and learn about the trees and animals in the park.  Yosemite has 200-300 black bears, although we did not see any during our time there.  After the talk we got lunch and went on a tour around the park on a tram thing being pulled by a greener version of an 18 wheeler.  It was a paid tour that cost us $50 ($25pp, kids free).  It was led by a ranger and we learned a lot about the park, its history, even rock climbing.  It was worth it and Bean slept the whole time.  Loralai ended up asleep too before it was over.  After the tram, we were itching to go on a hike!  The kids were “iffy” behavior wise though, so we chose a super easy hike to Lower Yosemite Falls.  20 minutes and we were there.  Gorgeous!  And BUSY!  That’s the thing about “easy” hikes, everyone can do them, so they are swarming with people!
On the walk back out, there was this rock that kids were climbing up and then sliding down.  Loralai couldn’t resist, so we watched her play and make friends on the rock for about an hour.  It was fun to see kids make a playground and secrete hide-out, out of a rock.  Kids are rad like that!

Bean had to get in on the action too!

So next we decided to pick up some dinner and sit out at Sentinel Falls in the meadow and watch the sun set on Half Dome.  We got some crappy cold sandwiches from The Village Store, a couple of beers, and a new Yosemite hoodie on clearance for me, as it was getting cooler and I had forgotten to bring anything warm for the weekend.

Half Dome

Our last day in Yosemite, we were determined to get a cool hike in!  I had heard about The Giant Sequoias (largest tree in America) tree grove and really wanted to see it, but it was an hour+ drive away from the village area of the park, so I didn’t think we would.  Well luck had it, that Bean fell asleep right as we drove into the park, and so on a whim, we put on a movie for L, and took a right and drove to see the trees at the south end of the park.  The trees were cool, but the best part was that L met a friend around her age, who was visiting for the day with her mom.  We all hit it off as we rode the bus together and even hiked for much of the walk together.  It was sweet!  If you’re reading this Mia, Loralai says “Hi” and she misses you! 

These trees can live to be 2000 years old!  This one has survived numerous fires in its lifetime.


Yosemite has 3 groves of Sequoias, but the one at the south entrance was the only one available to see, since one of the main roads in Yosemite was still closed for the winter during our time there (scheduled to open the day after we left).  This particular grove we visited had a lower and an upper grove.  The lower grove was great, but we would have liked to have seen the upper grove as well, as it appeared to have several more trees and a nice lookout point.  But the kids, particularly Loralai, weren’t up to long walks that day!  Next time.  We drove the hour drive back to the village with plans to do a hike that started by the Nature Center, but gave that up after having to practically drag L back on the Sequoia hike.  Instead we got sandwiches, and found what is possibly the best place to eat in Yosemite….The Sandwich Café next to the Village Grocery Store.  Well priced and decent tasting sandwiches made to order.  That’s the best you can hope for when it comes to food in National Parks.  Then we went to The Visitor Center to have L sworn in as a Jr Ranger.  Yay Loralai!  7 badges now and she’s learnd so much!  While we did that, I also put in a report for my lost hiking hat. :(
And with that, we headed back “home” for another week of living at Don Pedro Lake, before making the 8 hour drive to Ashland, OR.
Yosemite was beautiful.  We really wished we had been able to do more strenuous hiking, with less people around though.  I would have loved to have seen more of the back country and its wild life, as it makes up 94% of the park.  It’s also a great park to biycyle and on our next visit we will definitely remember to bring our bikes!  It seems to book up faster then other parks as well, so making reservations in advance is recommended more so then the other parks we have been to.

Loralai gives a big “Yeehaw” to Yosemite!

Here are a couple of cute pictures from our time in California, outside of Yosemite.

L making another friend

Messy Bean!

The park where we were staying had a swimming lagoon.


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Random Thoughts by Aubrey

Now having been on the road 5 weeks, I have gathered a list of items that I wish we had brought with us and a list of those I wish we’d left at home. 

Things I wish I had brought with us…
1.       MORE toys!!!  Amazingly enough, Loralai does not even ask to watch TV anymore.  This does put more pressure on active play though.  Everything I read prior to this about RVing with kids said to bring very few toys and the kids would have a great time with dirt and sticks.  Ha.  Maybe this doesn’t work out so well for me because mine are too young to just let run loose in the woods while I do dishes in the RV?  Either way, I wish I would have brought more toys!
We have found a few new games to keep them having fun, like this one that we call “Wasing Dishes”.
2.       The humidifier.  Cheap enough replacement cost ($16), but all those little things add up.  Coming from “humid” Austin, we were not used to the dry, desert air.  I would have to wake up every night to put saline drops down Juliet’s nose and then suction her, just so she could still breathe while nursing.  And having this in the beginning may have prevented my face from being raw for 2 weeks and shedding 5 layers of skin.
3.       More cloths for me.  When you have the luxury of washing whatever you want to wear, whenever you want to wear it, you don’t realize how few cloths you actually have when you no longer have a washer and dryer in your house.
4.       Our feather down comforter.  We’ve weathered some COLD nights with just our thin Target quilt!
5.       A plug-in heater.  See cold nights, above.  We have since purchased one.
6.       A plug-in fan.  We’ve had some hot nights too!
7.       More kid DVD’s.  When driving 10 hours in a weekend, variety is a great thing to give a 4 year old.  In our attempt to do this, we bought her Matilda.  I’m afraid it was a bad call.  She loves the movie, but has to act out all the parts where the characters are being jerks to Matilda, over and over, and over again.  It’s very annoying to have your kid tell you everyday, “I’m right and you’re wrong” and “You’re mean parents!”, and then want you to act out the movie with her EXACTLY.  Uhhhhg.
8.       Cleaning supplies.  I guess having a cleaning lady and Joe have spoiled me.  I somehow thought when packing that a sponge, a broom, and disinfectant wipes would be all we needed to keep the RV sparkling clean.  I have since bought a toilet scrubber, swifer, RV toilet bowl cleaner, magic erasers (Juliet learned how to write on the walls with crayons.  We are so proud!), carpet cleaner, and dish soap.
S’more Night
Things I wish I had left at home…
1.       All the board games.  Who was I kidding?  I had all these visions of us sitting down in the evening to play Monopoly or Candy land like all good RVing families should.  But in reality, even if my 4 year old would sit through a game (doubtful), my 1 year old would quickly come along and swipe all the pieces off the board. 
2.       The cookie sheets that are too long to fit in our tiny oven.
3.       The 12 month supply of deodorant.  What was I thinking?
4.       The ultra huge jar of sauerkraut that takes up precious fridge space, but I can’t bring myself to throw away.  What if I have a craving for a hot dog?!?!
5.       My steamer pot.  Did you know you can steam veggies in the microwave and it doesn’t use any propane and is 5 times faster?
6.       Serving tray.  Yes, I will admit to having grand visions of meeting other RVing families just like ours who we would immediately click with and eat potluck dinners with every night.  In such an event, my serving tray would be the perfect item to bring our dish over on.  We have not met such a family yet.  Instead, the tray rolls around while we drive and almost falls out of the cabinet every time I open it.
7.       Whatever I packed in the top drawer of the TV cabinet.  I’m too short to open it up and see what’s inside, but whatever it is, it has not been needed.
By the way, we will be at the address below between May, 13th-21st.  If you’d like to send us or the girls any mail, now is the time!
865 Blaine St
Ashland, OR 97520

Bedtime Stories with Daddy, a nightly occurance.

 *Photos are were all taken at our current home in Don Pedro Recreation area in CA, by the lake.

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Vegas Baby!!!

…Turns out Vegas doesn’t like babies so much…, or children in general. 

See the Vegas sign in the background?

We arrive through the desert to the city of Las Vegas.  Big city!  I had been in the sticks all week and was so happy to see a Khol’s and Target!!!  Our stay was at Sam’s Town Hotel and Casino.  Not a glamorous place at all, but only 6 miles from the Stirp and $25 a night. 

The place had a pool and I took the girls swimming and did our mounds of laundry that had piled up in less then 2 weeks.  New RV rule in the house is we wear everything at least twice, unless it’s just totally gross.  This means Bean runs out of her cloths twice as fast as the rest of us!  But she also has twice as many cloths as anyone else, so it works out.  We also checked out Sam’s Town Casino, Theater, Arcade, etc.  They had this super cheesy, “Mystic Falls”, animal-tronics show in the middle of the casino, that Loralai and Juliet just LOVED, and we were lucky enough to catch.  At one point after the show, I guess I lingered too long near a slot machine and an employee came by and told me I couldn’t be in there with my kids.  Then why have all the arcades, restaurants, and shows in the middle of the casino?  That was 1. Proof Vegas Hates Kids. 

By day 3, we were itching to visit the strip!  I’d been told about all the awesome shows and places for kids to visit.  We go.  We park (our HUGE dully in oversized FREE parking).  We walk around.  The first thing you should have when visiting Vegas with two young kids, is a stroller that is not total crap and that is big enough for BOTH of your children.  Because, you will be doing A LOT of walking, and your 4 year old will get tired and start to whine and lag behind in a strange city, that you are sure is full of a bunch of bad guys that want to snatch up any child that gets too far away from their parents.  So half the day I’m pushing two kids around in a really cheap single stroller, with Bean sitting on L’s lap.  Things really would get bad when Bean got tired and started reaching back to pull L’s hair.  Then Daddy would have to step in and carry L on his shoulders.

We decided to walk over to Treasure Island from Palazzio.  Something you should know about the strip, is that you can’t just cross the street when you feel like it.  They have all these elaborate corner towers built on the busy intersections that you take an escilator up to, so you can cross over the intersection and then take an escliator down to the other side of the street.  These are only about every 3 blocks though, so sometimes you end up making these huge U-turns in order to get where you want to go.  This equals more walking.

These “corner towers”, as I have now coined them, were also were all the homeless people would sit with their signs and their oh-so-cute, little dogs that my girls couldn’t pass up petting, without a fit.  Fun!  This was also a popular place for people to drop the nude photos they were handed in abundance as advertisements for prostitutes.   2. Loralai noticed some fun looking cards were dropped at one point and knelt to pick them up.  We barely got to her in time.

Silly Vegas Glasses!

Once we got to Treasure Island we started looking around for a place to eat.  After lots more walking, we settled on what we knew, and that was Senior Frogs.  What we did not know was that it was Opening Night for Senior Frogs, and very crowed and wild.  We got our buzzer and with no other place to go, we went to sit in the bar area at a table to wait.  3. A few minutes pass before, what I assume to be the manager comes over to tell us we can’t sit here with kids and we’ll have to leave.  He then finds us a table to wait at, but this somehow knocks our names out of our place waiting for a patio seat, so we can see the Famous Pirate show out front.  Long-story-short, we leave 30 mins later, having had no dinner.  L  But we did catch the show out front.  The show is risqué, but worth seeing, even with kids.  4. After the show, we went to check out some of the other attractions we heard were “kid-friendly”, like the gondola rides ($60 for 15 mins) and the wax museum ($40 for the family), but we decided they were just too expensive and would be under appreciated with the kids.  So we head back to Sam’s Town, where we ate at TGI Fridays, with a coupon.  Classy, I know.  J  Then back to the rig.

Lovin the ribs and TGI Fridays!

I was a little bummed (okay, a lot bummed) about the lack of things we could do with kids in Vegas after that and had had no luck finding childcare so Joe and I could go out.  So I took advantage of us being in a big city and did our usual type things.  We visited a bounce house and got the oil changed on the truck. 

By the end of the day though, I was ready to give Vegas another shot.  I found a tour bus company that had an open second floor, called Open-Top Tours and would tour us around the strip and downtown all day (only $36 for me, 4 and under are free).  So I get my revised list of fun stops together and we set out to get on the bus.  I get a map and look for bus stop #9.  And we look.  And we ask people.  And we look.  Up and down the same 3 blocks for 1.5 hours before I finally notice a teeny tiny line that redirects the stop around the corner to an unmarked bench.  Thankfully a security guy on a bike was nice enough to escort direct us to the unmarked stop.  Mad is not the word!  So we finally get on the bus and things do improve from there.  We had a really nice tour guide and learned a lot about the city and Bean took a nap.  We stopped off at Circus Circus (a casino that caters more to families) and saw 3 short, 10 min circus acts that L really enjoyed.  We also cleaned up at the arcades and walked away with a doll and some candy.  We finished it off with 2 corndogs that the girls wolfed down and got back on the tour bus to view downtown/Freemont St.  We hopped off the bus near Bellagio just in time to meet Daddy for The Buffet at the Bellagio ($30pp dinner).  It really was GOOD!  Recommended.  We ate until it hurt and watched the famous fountain show out front.  We also waited around to see the volcano at the Mirage erupt, but the show was cancelled due to high winds. 

This was Loralai’s favorite act at Circus Circus!
Thanks Mom!  Ticket-Mania!
Chowing down on mac and cheese at The Buffet.
Bellagio Fountains

So with my Vegas fix, I planned on our last day for me to take the kids to the park and have a picnic.  5. Except when I got to the park that I had so meticulously researched on-line, I found this…


So we went to get pedicures and new shoes instead.  We needed a pick-me-up after that.  L

We rushed home as soon as our toes were dry, to collect Daddy and drive 30 mins to Hoover Dam/Lake Mead.  We got there too late to do any of the tours, but we did get to walk out on the observation deck and dam and look around.  There is way more security there then I expected!  Guards and metal detectors galore.  It was also quite expensive!  $30 total after parking and entrance fees.  It was on the “had to” list, so I’m glad to have seen it.  And I got a stamp.  J

The next morning we headed to California! Good-bye Vegas!  I can’t wait to return for some Adult Only fun!

And a BIG thank you to our guy for working all week in the hot RV while we played.  We love you!!!

Things I did not do in Vegas that I wanted to do…

1.      Gamble!  Or really just play $5 in the nickel slots.
2.      Get remarried.  I did learn it’s only $60 to do it, so it’s in my future!
3.      See a show.  Slim picking with kids, and all around $100pp and up.
4.      Get dressed up and look gorgeous. 
5.      Pick any scene from The Hangover to insert here.

My impression of Vegas…

1.      People here are almost all VERY over weight!  Huge!  Even the skinny people, are still like 10-15 pounds heavy.  So a normal person can look VERY GOOD here. 
2.      You know that vision of the old, leathery skinned woman tanning at high noon in a bikini while smoking a cigarette?  Yeah, there are a lot of those there!
3.      Everyone smokes.  Everyone.
4.      It’s really really expensive (2 adult drinks.  $30).
5.   Can’t wait to return WITHOUT kids.
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